With all due respect and wanting to provide some honest constructive criticism - not cause trouble - I am posting this journal. I do so fully understanding that it is likely that DS will enact their "ban first, ask questions later" policy. I apologize to our Secret Paws, both the ones sending to us and the ones who we send to, to the SP Group Leaders, and to our friends. You are why we are here and we are sorry if our loud mouths get us kicked off.

Dear Doggyspace - 

Let me start by saying that I love being a member of Doggyspace. The friends I have made here have spilled over into all aspects of life. There are many whom I consider amongst my closest friends - even thought we've never "met". I appreciate the work your team puts into providing features, gifts and other fun content for us to use and share.

I think all members, paying & not, advertisers or personal profile would agree that Doggyspace is the place it is and a place we WANT to be a part of because it is an environment of respect, caring and friendship. This site is made wonderful by the numerous people who give their time to run groups such as the Postcard Exchanges, Secret Paws, Pay It Forward and more. It is made a fun place by the friends we make and the relationships we build.  The features you provide such as the chat, the gifts and the badges are nice bonuses, but they are things we could find on any social network - free or paid. We choose you for one reason - the outstanding sense of community.

A social network is going to have issues where personal opinions come into play - and how those issues are handled is every bit as important as the fun content you provide. For a business to respond to issues the way you do with comments about "banning first, and asking questions later" or saying that a member is "trying to cause trouble" or turning off the servers and leaving, comes across as unprofessional, immature and poorly thought out. Your services are paid for by the subscription members and by the advertisers, for you to shut down the site is disrespectful, childish and extremely poor customer service. While we understand that without your hard work, there is no Doggyspace, please remember that without us members there is no Doggyspace either.

This site is a wonderful place to hang out, but when your business responds to issues like this with this type of tone - it undermines why people are here and it tears down the reasons that paws want to play here. This is not meant as a complaint or to cause trouble, but rather to hopefully show you that your members are not just posts coming from cyberspace - each is a person with their own thoughts and opinions - and as long as you allow advertisers to interact with users on a social level, we are going to form friendships and attachments to them. Friendship is more important to your members than belonging to a specific site. We wish that the corporate values of this site reflected the community values a little better. I personally would be happier with a lot less bells and whistles and a little more compassion & professionalism.

Doggyspace - Thank you for reading our letter. We hope that it does not get us banned, but we understand if it does. Thank you for the last few years. We could not have made such wonderful friendships, if we had not stumbled across your site.

To all our friends out there, we welcome you as always, to contact us directly at

Much Love -
kolchak, Felix & Mom