*1 cup quinoa or brown rice,
cooked to the point of *extra mushy*
*approx. 1/2 cup chicken stock
*1 cup flavouring - thoroughly cooked
we use carrot, green beans, peas, turkey,
chicken, buffalo, lamb, sweet peppers, fish - the sky is the LIMIT!
Combine quinoa/rice and flavouring in the blender. Add enough chicken stock to blend smoothly. Pour into ice cube trays, muffin tins, popsicle molds (without the stick) or silicone molds. We prefer to use silicone muffin trays or silicone mini cake molds as they are the easiest to get the treats out of.

When Mom wants to be *extra* fancy, she will layer two or three flavours to make something really special.

Place treats in freezer and freeze until solid.
(c) Kolchak's Kitchen